MH2420 Ricoh Nozzle Specification

- Apr 17, 2018-

MH2420 Ricoh nozzle is an industrial grade nozzle.Its main features:

1).Suitable for any material, with a wide range of compatible surfaces.

2).No need for plate making, fast printing and low cost, various output software can be used to support various file formats.

3).With professional color management software, you can change color anytime and anywhere without any additional cost.

4).Completed in one step, ie printing and instant printing, meets the demand for quick and easy production of finished products.

5).The full-color image is completed in one pass, and the progressive color completely achieves the photo quality effect, and the positioning accuracy is accurate and the rejection rate is zero.

6).Computer operation, no staff dependency, large upgrade space.


MH2420 Specifications:

MethodPiston pusher with metallic diaphragm plate
Print Width32.4 mm(1.28")
Number of nozzles384 (2 × 192 channels), staggered
Nozzle spacing (Within a row)1/150"(0.1693 mm)/row
Nozzle spacing (Row to row distance)0.529 mm
Compatible inkUV, Solvent, Aqueous, Others.
Total printhead dimensions63(W) × 62.4(D) × 16.2(H) mm (2.48" × 2.48" × 0.64") excluding cables
Max.number of color inks2 colors
Operating temperature rangeUp to 60℃
Temperature controlIntegrated heater and thermistor
Jetting frequencyBinary mode : 30kHz / Grey-scale mode : 20kHz
Drop volumeBinary mode : 7pl / Grey-scale mode : 7-35pl
*depending on the ink
Viscosity range10-12 mPa•s
Surface tension28-35mN/m
Grey-scale4 levels
Total Length238 mm (standard) including cables
Ink portYes (standard) / No (optional)
Number of ink ports2 × dual
Alignment pin directionFront (standard) / Back (optional)

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