Konica printhead

- Dec 13, 2017-

Japanese Konica,a company mainly produced Image stuff at the beginning.refers to producing piezoelectric printhead area,they are excel at hardware as well.


       KM 512, three models of print head:(UV solvent ,oil ink and water-based ink)  Print height 36mm

       KM 512 LNLH  42PL Dot Frequency  7.60KHZ  

       KM512LNX 35PL                              

       KM 512 MNMH 14PL     Dot Frequency 12.8KHZ                                  

        KM  512SNSH 4PL    Dot Frequency 23.0KHZ

        KM512 Water-based printhead

        KM512i MAB  14PL Dot Frequency 20KHZ

        KM 512 LAX  30PL

        KM512 MAX   14PL

        KM1024i MAE is updated from KM512i

        KM 256 Two types:print width36mm

        KM 256LN  42PL      Droplet size 42PL 

        KM 256MN 14PL       Droplet size 14PL

        KM  1024 print head:8 levels gray scaleprint width 72mm

        KM 1024MNB/14PL      14PL  applicable solvent and oil ink

        KM1024SHB/6PL        Droplet size 6PL  applicable UV ink 

        KM 1024MHB/14PL      Droplet size 14PL   applicable UV ink     

        KM 1024LHB/42PL      Droplet size 42PL   applicable UV ink  

        KM 1024i MHE 14PL   Four rows 256 nozzles Droplet size 14PL Dot Frequency 35KHZ

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