Ink sucking pad is used in all UV printers.then what is the pad’s function

- Nov 28, 2017-

Ink sucking  pad is used in all UV printers.then what is the pad’s function ? how to solve it if there is some problems ?

Sucking pad is a important accessory of automatic keeping wet function of UV has three primary functions as below:

1.     Sucking ink,Sucking out ink with sucking pad to clean the heads when slight blocking appears to make print heads work fluently.

2.     Avoiding dust, To prevent the print head from dust when working

3.     Keeping the heads in a slight air pressure even when the printer does not,most of UV printer adopt the continuous ink supply system,however,the system’s work theory is that ink boxes pressure balance with print heads pressure to make sure ink can supply continuously.therefore,if the airtightness of ink pad is good enough,which will remain a slight air pressure keeping heads full of ink all the time,the machine starts working once open it,which can reduce the odds to block,prolong the use lifetime of heads.

One most  general problem of sucking ink pad is that it can nor suck ink.there are three possible reasons if the sucking ink pad can not suck ink:

1.     sillicon seal of sucking ink pad breaks down, O-ring seal is the core of ink sucking pad,that needs to be changed a new one.

2.     Ink sucking pack is blocked,simply soaking the pad with clean solution to clean it can be ok.

3.     The pad deforms because long time’s use.changing a new can solve the problem.

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