What factors determine the price of UV flatbed printers?

- Oct 19, 2020-

What factors determine the price of UV flatbed printers?

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  What factors determine the price of UV flatbed printers? In many cases, the price of UV printer nozzles occupies a large part, followed by the control motherboard, followed by the printing accuracy and speed, and the printing format.


   1. UV printer nozzle

   There are a number of nozzles and nozzle models used in UV printers. There are still many types of nozzles on the market, and the price of nozzles varies greatly. Some low-end civilian use are Epson nozzles, and the upper-medium ones can choose Toshiba Ricoh nozzles, and those with the ability to fund Kyocera nozzles! Because the price of Epson's nozzles is generally several thousand yuan, the price of Ricoh's nozzles is generally within 10,000 to 10,000, and the price of Kyocera's nozzles is generally around 50,000 to 60,000! Therefore, the price of the print head greatly affects the price of the uv flatbed printer!

   2. Control motherboard

   There are domestic and imported versions of the control motherboard. Most domestic uv flatbed printer manufacturers use the domestic version of the control system, so this price will also have a source.

  3. Printing accuracy and speed

  The accuracy and speed of the UV printer are determined by the number of printer heads and the stability of the machine! The more nozzles, the higher the price.

  4. Print wide format

   The larger the format, the higher the price! This is why the general small UV flatbed printer is cheaper than the big one.


  5. UV printer machine parts

  The prices of different UV printer accessories are also very different.

   2. Summary of UV printer manufacturer Dacen

   In fact, if you want to buy a UV printer, choose a larger manufacturer to purchase it. This will not only ensure the stability of the machine, but also provide more guarantee in terms of after-sales service. If the price is more compared, basically the difference will not be large.



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