How to solve the slow printing speed of UV flatbed printer?

- Sep 15, 2020-

How to solve the slow printing speed of UV flatbed printer?

   Generally speaking, UV printers run at normal speed. If it slows down, there must be a reason. This article will talk about how to solve the problem that the printing speed of UV flatbed printers is slow.

   1. How to solve the slow printing speed of UV flatbed printer?

   1. It may be that the computer itself freezes

   If the system is running multiple applications at the same time during printing, please close other applications to see if it affects the printing speed. If possible, connect the UV flatbed printer to other computers and test the time to print the same content. If it is a computer system problem, it is necessary to start with the computer system to solve it, and switching to other UV flatbed printers will not have obvious results.

   2. The picture accuracy is too high, the picture is too big

   The amount of image printing data is very large, and the speed of data transmission may also be the bottleneck that affects the printing speed. If the transmission speed is too slow, the print head will also stop and wait for data during printing. The data transmission capacity of the ordinary printer port (parallel port) is only about 1Mbps, which is obviously incapable of high-precision image printing. Newly produced UV flatbed printers generally support USB interfaces, and their data transmission capacity can reach 12Mbps, so if you have the conditions, try your best Using USB interface. Good UV flatbed printers also use FIREWIRE interface, which has faster transmission speed, but requires a special interface card.

   3. UV printer hardware problem

   If the above two factors are eliminated, the reason that affects the printing speed is really the UV flatbed printer itself. In the case of UV flatbed printer hardware (processor, cache), the only way to increase the printing speed is to reduce the amount of data. Generally do not use high-precision image files, and do not use too high print resolution. It is necessary to seek a balance between print quality and data volume, because it exceeds the standard, and the high image accuracy and print resolution will affect the output The effect of the result is not big, and it can only prolong the printing time.

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