How to solve the problem the output image print by acrylic printer is too dark

- Aug 30, 2017-

Sometimes acrylic printer output image will suddenly fade, there are three reasons for this problem.

1: The amount of ink in the print settings is too low

Operators who is lack of experience, may use 80% of the amount of ink to print where the original ink should be 100% , which will result in the output of the image is relatively light .It can be solved by increasing the amount of ink.


2: The PASS of printing is too low.

The color and accuracy will be different print by different PASS , usually print on some smaller objects, printing with high Pass can make the pattern clear,colors rich ; if it is large format printing, you can use a lower PASS to print. This requires the technical staff based on the actual experience when printing, set different PASS when print different materials .

glass printer.jpg.jpg

3: The impact of material.

In addition to the visual error of the naked eye, some materials have an adsorption effect on the ink, some materials may dissolve ink. For example, using the common acrylic printer printing pattern, acrylic printer only need 80% of the ink , a little more will cause the image deeper.


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