How to solve the printer does not respond after selecting the “print”?

- Sep 11, 2017-

After the correct selection, there is no response when press the print button, the system prompts "Please check if the printer is online and cable connection is normal", This situation is relatively low, may caused by the following reasons: UV flatbed printer power cord is not plugged in, Printer cable is not properly linked, bad touch, the computer interface is damaged and so on.

There are several methods:

1. If you press the power switch, the printer can start, enter the BIOS settings inside to see the parallel port settings. General printer use ECP mode, and some printers do not support ECP mode. At this point, you can use ECP EPP, or "Normal" model.

 2. If the above method is invalid, you need to focus on checking the print cable, first turn off the computer, and then re-plug the two ends of the print cable, be careful not to electrically plug. If the problem can not be solved, try another print cable, or use substitute method.

3. If the above methods are not ok, then you need to try to replace the new cable or computer interface.

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