How to solve the cross color problem

- Oct 24, 2017-

During the print ,the most  boring problem is cross color,which is caused by overquick ink mobility、improper color printing order、nonoptimal printing handle this problem,there are at least two ways to engage in:

1.Rationally arrange the color printing order

The cross color is easy to come out when the print colors are obviously different from each this case,we had better adjust the color printing order according to ink amount.printing the color whose ink amount is small firstly and printing color that ink amount is much more finally,using this way can help us not only avert the cross color efficiently but also get the most ink amount on the materials,so that the printed products’ colors can be richer.

2.Reasonably adjust the pressure printing pressure

Adjusting the printing pressure is a key to solve the UV printing cross color phenomenon.for instance,the pressure between the rubber roller and forme must be set to the standard condition range;the exclusive UV printing rubber cloth is better than ordinary rubber cloth;using exclusive UV curing device for key color group.

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