How to select UV flatbed printers?

- Jul 31, 2020-

How to select UV flatbed printers?

    There are many brands of UV flatbed printers. How to choose a suitable machine from many brands?


   1. For printing materials, select the printer according to the type, size and purpose of the material. Different printers are selected for different materials, different sizes, and different printer format sizes.

   2. Printing accuracy, different printers have different printing accuracy. Some printers can print characters as small as 3pt, but some printers can only print with 5pt or lower precision.


     3. Printing speed, industrial production mode generally requires a higher printing speed, choose the right printer to meet the production

     4. The after-sales service of printer manufacturers is basically the same as that of printers on the market, but different manufacturers have different after-sales services. The quality of after-sales service determines the future operation of the machine.

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