How to make the printing patterns not peel off

- Oct 19, 2017-

In order to make the inkjet image more adhesive,the adhesion can be increased by pre-processing and post-processing.For example, before printing, spray a layer of professional coating on the surface of the material. The coating will increase the adhesion of the image, and the adhesive force of the image will be much higher after the painting. You can also spray a layer of varnish on the surface of the material after printing to isolate the contact between the outside and the image directly. For the increase of image adhesion problems,there are some other processes, such as double-sided glass, the image is sealed between the glass, to achieve the purpose of the image does not peel off permanently.

uv printer.jpg

After solving the problem of image adhesion, the image is not waterproof has always been a problem for our customers. The best way to solve this problem is to spray a layer of varnish on the printings, UV varnish can not only increase the image adhesion, also can be waterproof, make exquisite patterns in contact with water not easy to peel off.

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