How to maintain the UV printer in winter?

- Mar 03, 2021-

  As soon as autumn has passed,it is winter.This article talks about how to maintain the UV printer in winter?

  One.How to maintain the UV printer in winter?

  1.In winter,you can use a uv printer to blow down the surface when you start to use the machine every morning.

  2.When using a UV flatbed printer in winter,it is necessary to place the UV flatbed printer in a normal working environment.It is advisable to ensure that the operating room keeps the ambient humidity above 25 degrees,the temperature is between 10-35 degrees Celsius,and the relative humidity is 20.-80%;If the equipment is not used for a long time,the ink should be drained and cleaned with a special cleaning fluid to keep the ink head unblocked.

  3.Compared with summer,the air is dry in winter.Pay more attention to the daily maintenance of uv printers and add lubricant.

  4.Static electricity will interfere with the normal operation of the equipment,and the ink output of the ink head will be unstable.In severe cases,the motherboard and ink head can be burned.Therefore,it is necessary to prevent electrostatic interference.Before operating the UV flatbed printer,the operator should wash his hands clean and strictly follow the operating procedures in the manual.Once electrostatic interference occurs,stop the operation immediately and check the current working environment.

  Two.Summary of the UV flatbed printers manufacturer Dacen

  The temperature in winter is getting lower and lower.The main thing is that low temperature will affect the operation of machine parts and malfunctions.These malfunctions are not only time-consuming and costly to repair,but more importantly,the production line is affected.The above is the content of"Knowledge:How to maintain UV printer in winter?",I hope to help you.

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