How to judge the quality of UV flatbed printer?

- Mar 20, 2021-

  How to judge the quality of UV flatbed printer?I may ask for a round and found that there are many UV printer manufacturers,and everyone feels that they are selling well.At this time,how to determine which UV printer to buy?

  One.How to judge the quality of UV flatbed printer?

  1.Choose a UV printer manufacturer with independent research and development capabilities

  As customers,we all hope to communicate directly with manufacturers.However,in the UV flatbed printer market,there are very few real manufacturers.However,in order to cater to the psychology of customers,many sales agents will also advertise"I am a real manufacturer.""Manufacturers",but if a customer asks to see the factory or production workshop,they will not be allowed to see it for various reasons,such as a place far away or no place at all,for example,customers who have not bought the machine are not allowed to visit,etc.,Is to prevent customers from looking at the production plants and workshops.In fact,as a real manufacturer,it is very welcome to visit and work.

  2.UV printer quality

  It is recommended that you choose the uv flatbed printer to personally watch the printing process of the machine,and also the accuracy.Let the uv printer print one line each with fonts No.2 to No.10.After printing,check if the characters of each model are clear and neat.If the font is not clear,the edges are not neat or fuzzy,then the accuracy of the UV flatbed printer will be greatly reduced.If it’s not too far away,go directly to the seller’s sample department to print on-site samples.

  Two.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  This article is about"How to judge the quality of UV flatbed printer?",I hope to help you choose the right flatbed printer for you.

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