How to chosse a uv flatbed printer

- Sep 27, 2017-

As we all know, at present, the UV flatbed printer commonly can be divided into three kinds. One is the imported models, another is modified from EPSON printer, third is researched and developed domestic independently. The imported flatbed printers generally expensive and the domestic market is not well, and ink, coating, cleaning supplies also need original, the price is very high; secondly, modified from EPSON flatbed printer, because it is modified, some key position technology of the main board manufacturers can not understand, problems may not be resolved, it is possible to scrap; independently researched and developed UV printer manufacturers design by themselves, assemble by themselves , where is important, where is not important,it is at a glance, not easy to occur problems and even there is problem,it is easy for them to solve.And the after sales service is more convenient.

uv flatbed printer.jpg

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