How to choose UV flatbed printer?

- Jul 17, 2020-

How to choose a UV  flatbed printer?

1. Price of UV  flatbed printer

In fact, the price of  flatbed printer is not the cheaper it means that its value is better, for example, some UV flatbed printer than our price is lower, but because of the poor speed, so even if the price is good, but the value is not big, the customer should be its value.

2. Stability of UV printer

Normally, the higher the stability of the  flatbed printer, the better the machine, if the stability of a machine is not good, even if it is fast, high precision is difficult to become a good UV flatbed printer.Customers in use will also be very troublesome, and even affect the operation, there are a lot of speed precision are very good universal printer manufacturers, is due to poor stability and out of the market.


3. Printing accuracy of UV  flatbed printer

Its picture quality is an important factor, general market perceptions of accuracy is higher accuracy, quality is better, the  flatbed printer quality also includes color, and presence of stripe and high precision of people with the naked eye is invisible, also lost its meaning, is so we speak, the higher the accuracy, but it is not to the endless high.Print fine print measurement accuracy: No matter what type of  flatbed printer, the basic requirement is printing accuracy.To test the printing accuracy, print no. 3 on the product.Print clear, no ghosting not blurred for qualified products.If the ghostly image occurs, it indicates that the vibration of the printer is too large during the printing process, which is caused by the unreasonable structure design and the failure of good decomposition and release of the running force of the printer head.


4. Cost of consumables for UV  flatbed printer

Here refers to the price and consumption of its ink and substrate.General weak solvent ink material is not picky, the cost is not high, are within the customer's budget.

5,  flatbed printer printing speed

Speed is self-evident is a universal printer capacity, it directly affects the investor's sales and costs.

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