How to calculate the cost price of UV flatbed printer?

- Feb 27, 2021-

   UV flatbed printer is basically cost, and there are also custom machines of two to three million. In addition to the cost of the machine itself, there are also the costs of ink, nozzles, electricity, labor, and workshops. This article is specific Let’s talk about how to calculate the cost of UV flatbed printers?

   One. How to calculate the cost of UV flatbed printer?

   1. Ink price

   At present, the price of UV printer ink on the market ranges from 50-80 US dollars per liter. When we calculate, we take the average value of 50 to calculate. One liter of ink can print 100-125 square meters. Because the printing accuracy is different, the same ink can be printed. The area is also different, that is, the price of printing a square of ink is less than $1, how much is the finished product? Here we take an Apple 4S mobile phone case as an example. The unit price of a printed mobile phone case is about 5 cents. Of course, the nozzles used by flatbed printers use different amounts of ink. Seiko nozzles have thicker nozzles and rough printing. Relatively speaking, they use more ink. Epson nozzles have finer nozzles, and the printed things are fine and delicate. It saves ink, so the production cost is different if the equipment used is different. If there are other processing methods, the cost will be different. So if you want to calculate the printing cost, you only need to use the cost of consumables plus the cost of energy consumption, and you know how much profit you can get.

   2. Electricity bill

   Then there is the calculation of the energy consumption of the UV flatbed printer. At present, the power of flatbed printers is mostly around 3000W. The printer has double nozzles for plane printing and does not print embossed effects. The printing accuracy is 1440*720dpi/8Pass. It is about 3 degrees per hour. The labor is calculated at $3 per hour. For water and other expenses, the cost of printing a mobile phone case is less than 0.05 cents. If the embossing effect is printed, the amount of ink used for the embossing of the printer must be multiplied several times.

   3. Artificial

   Generally, the price of a UV printer operator is less than 1,000 US dollars, depending on the ability.

   Two. Summary of UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen

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