How should UV flatbed printer manufacturers develop?

- Feb 20, 2021-

  How should UV flatbed printer manufacturers develop?The impact of the epidemic this year has been great on all walks of life,as well as the UV printer industry.

  One.How should UV flatbed printer manufacturers develop?

  1.UV flatbed printer application scale industrialization

  As we all know,the market for digital color printing is very large.Once the process of UV flatbed printer is accepted by users,then manufacturers will increase their efforts to put into production.Therefore,the UV flatbed printer has formed an enterprise-scale production line

UV flatbed printer manufacturers

  2.UV flatbed printer application format is larger and longer

  UV flatbed printers began to be applied to more large-format commercial applications,such as:glass decoration industry,ceramic tile background wall industry,building materials industry,advertising industry,etc.Therefore,according to the development of the industry,UV flatbed printers are gradually upgraded and changed.

  Two.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  The above is the whole content of"How should UV flatbed printer manufacturers develop?",there is no need to make a plate,that is,print and dry.The print size depends on the print size of the printer.Of course,it can also be printed in blocks.The print materials are as small as the packaging box.Cosmetic boxes,USB flash drives,etc.,as large as glass,tiles,wood,metal plates,acrylic,etc.,as long as they are flat materials can be printed,and the range of printing is very wide.It can not only print 3D effects but also print relief effects,which shows that UV The printer is still very promising in the market.

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