How does the mobile power supply print with a UV flatbed printer?

- Oct 14, 2020-

How does the mobile power supply print with a UV flatbed printer?

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   Many customers have purchased UV printers to print mobile power supplies. In this article, Dacen will talk about how mobile power supplies are printed with UV flatbed printers. That is, the specific method of operation.


   1. Measure the size of a single mobile power product (length, width, and height);

  2. According to the size of a single product, design the fixture picture according to the effective printing size of the uv printer;

  3. Find the engraving machine manufacturer outside to engrave the fixture;

  4. Place the fixture on the uv printer equipment platform and position it.

   5. The UV printer prints a row to test whether the positioning is accurate. If you are not sure, just adjust the position slightly.


   2. Summary of UV printer manufacturer Dacen

   During the operation of the UV printer, precise positioning and printing are required to ensure the high quality of the product. The above is the entire content of "How to use a UV flatbed printer to print the mobile power supply?" I hope to help you.

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