Explanation of Signage UV Printer

- Mar 02, 2021-

   Signage UV printer explanation, in fact, UV printers are generally used for signage, because most of the common signage materials are non-metallic materials, metal materials, ceramic materials and so on. Non-metallic materials include acrylic, two-color plates, PVC, plexiglass, wood and other signs; metal materials include stainless steel, iron, zinc alloy, brass, aluminum and other signs; ceramic materials include pure ceramics, metal-ceramic composite glass, etc. . And these materials are generally flat, if you want to use it for a long time, you usually use a screen printer, UV printer or corrosion machine.

UV printer

  1. Explanation of UV Printer for Signage

  Traditional sign printing is generally made through silk-screen printing, which is complicated and costly. The sign uv flatbed printer can save you the trouble! The uv flatbed printer's printing and production of signs and signs, compared with the traditional sign screen printing process, has simple process steps, low material and labor costs, and non-spreading ink, which can ensure the accuracy and clarity of text and patterns. It can print exquisite multi-color patterns and texts and many other optimizations. It is a good choice for the printing and production of logo signs.

   2. Summary of Signage UV Printer Manufacturer Dacen

   The above is the content of "Explanation of Signage UV Printer", I hope to help you. Many advertising companies will also use UV printers to undertake customized services for various signs.

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