Analysis of drying principle of UV curing ink

- Jun 06, 2017-

Ink drying, is to dry vegetable oil as a connecting material in the air polarization polymerization reaction, change the molecular shape of vegetable oil, and thus fixed in the substrate surface and dry. Run color digital technology engineers admitted that the drying of ink, is the use of oxidative polymerization reaction of oil from low molecular weight liquid into a network of macromolecules solid state process. With the UV curing effect is almost ink drying surface gloss, ink film firm, resistant to scratch.

UV ink is dried and cured by UV irradiation. Run color digital technology engineers, UV ink curing need to add a small amount of photoinitiator, in the photoinitiator and ultraviolet light under the combined action of polymerization. Thereby changing the molecular morphology to cure the ink. This reaction can be completed in a few seconds or even less than a few seconds.

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