Advantages of LED-UV lamp

- Nov 24, 2017-

1.clean production, green development - this is the theme of global people’s concern, the same in the development of the printing industry. LED-UV light source, its energy composition is all long ultraviolet wave, that is to say, it does not contain the traditional short ultraviolet wave when curing, does not produce ozone.
2.Save energy, reduce costs - the power consumption of LED-UV lights is only 10% of the traditional mercury lamp, that is to say, it can save 90% of the electricity. On the other hand, LED-UV has a long life and won’t be affected by switching times, generally 20 thousand to 30 thousand hours, while the lifetime of mercury lamp is only 2000-4000 hours.
3. Traditional UV curing lamp energy except 5% can be converted to UV light, the rest are converted to heat,surface temperature is up to 800 degrees Celsius , it is easy to affect the printing machine itself and the printing materials, such as leather, plastic and other materials. When curing use LED-lamp, the surface temperature is only about 60 degrees, and it will not cause deformation of the product.


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