Glass UV printer

The glass UV digital printing machine has a better artistic effect in printing glass printing. The glass UV color printer can print richer colors and 3D relief and microcrystalline effects on the surface of the glass. The mirror printing is anyway printed on the front side, which is durable and beautiful. 

Application scenarios:

UV printers are used for printing various building materials. Glass processing can print artistic glass doors and windows, glass screens, glass sliding doors and vanity mirror processing.

Glass UV printer1Printing effect of glass doors and windows, glass screens, glass entrances, glass sliding doors

The glass printer can not only print patterns on the surface of the glass, but also can print 3D embossed effects through a special process, giving you a three-dimensional sense of vision and bringing nature into the room within reach.

Glass UV printer2Glass printing 3D embossed effect

Glass micro-crystal processing is a new technology, using micro-crystal powder as the back reflective material, and color as the bottom for front viewing, the effect is very dreamy, and the market value is also very considerable.

Glass UV printer3Glass crystallite effect