UV Printing Machine Price

UV Printing Machine Price

UV printing machine of DACEN adopt most advanced and popular print head in the market.The quality of UV printing machine is good, but the price of UV printing machine is affordable.

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                                                              DACEN DG-1510 UV printing machine price

  We are the first company used Toshiba print head in UV flatbed printer in china.Toshiba is Higher Cost-effective. 

The most spare part: Print head compared

 1.Printhead life:

    NO.1 Toshiba GE4 printhead (24-36 months)

   NO.2 Ricoh G5 printhead (9-18 months)

   NO.3 Epson 5th generation printhead (3-6 months).

2. Printhead stability: 

    NO1.Toshiba CE4 printhead

    NO.2 Ricoh G5 printhead> 

    NO.3 Epson fifth-generation printhead.

3. Printing speed: 

    NO.1Toshiba CE4 nozzle

    NO.2Ricoh G5 nozzle

    NO.3. Epson fifth-generation nozzle.

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1. Four layers print function

 White, color ,varnish, layer can print at a time when printing on transparent media,

 Can use white ink for pretreatment, get more beautiful print effect


2. Continue printing power off

Machine continue to print last file while sudden power off or irregular pwer off.

To reduce cost whitout unnecesssary material wasting


3. Nozzle anti-collision system

   Print head anti-collision system prevent print head damage from accidents caused

   By human error or material deformation


4. Flexible high quality ink

   Soft ink: for leather, TUP etc.

   Hard ink: for glass, metal, ceramic tile etc




1.leather products

800Leather bag.jpg

2.ceramic tile

1 background wall.jpg


1 decorative paintings.jpg


1.What materials this printer can print on?

It can print on any flatbed materials, such as acrylic, glass, wood, ceramic, phone case, plastic, leather, signage, marble, KT board, stone, PVC, ABS, etc.

2. Can LED UV printer print embossing 3D effect?

   Yes, it can print embossing 3D effect, cantact us for more information and printing videos

3. Does it must be sprayed a pre-coating?

   Some material need pre-coating, such as metal, glass etc.

4. What about the warranty?

   Our factory provide 1 year warranty, except print head, ink pump and ink cartridges

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