UV Digital Printing Machine

UV Digital Printing Machine

UV digital printing machine DACEN DG-2513 with Toshiba CE4M

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                                         DACEN UV Flatbed Printer DG-2513 Digital Printing Machine 

DG-2513 have 2513A, 2513B, they with different print head, the speed and precision, advantage, feature different.

DG-2513 A always with Toshiba CE4M, Ricoh Gen5 print head

DG-2513 B always with Ricoh Gen6 and Konica KM1024I

Follow is DG-2513A with Toshiba CE4M print head, please contact us about more other model.


Product features:





1. Can LED UV printer print embossing 3D effect?

   Yes, it can print embossing 3D effect, cantact us for more information and printing videos

2.Where can i buy the spare parts and inks?

  Our factory also provide spare parts and inks, you can buy from our factory diretly or other 

    suppliers in your local market

 3. What about maintenance of the printer?

 About maintenance, w suggest ot power on the printer once a day,

 If you dont use the printer more than 3days, please clean the print head with cleaning liquid and put

 in the protective cartridges on the printer(protective cartridges are specially used for protect print head)

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