Universal Uv Flatbed Printer With Wide Printing Field

Universal Uv Flatbed Printer With Wide Printing Field

After placing the substrates easily, the universal printer can lift to the proper printing height controlled by operator. And it can randomly set the print speed and print mode to produce automatically, and the process of the computer operation is easy too.

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Universal uv flatbed printer with wide printing field

The uv flatbed can adjust the print head  height according to the printed object,the height is a important factor for printing.the printing effect is not good if too high,there is risk to collide if too low.the horizontal mobile jet structure can be used precisely thanks to the accurate rail guide.




  1. How much will cost to print one square meters?

    We can calculate the cost according to the price of ink, Kindly note: the ink consumption is about 15ml/m2.

2. Are you the manufacturer?

Dacen  has been manufacturing uv printers more than 4 years, all the important components are bought from OEMs.in addition,all the printers will be evaluated strictly through a series of tests by our engineers,we never ship a machine without qualification.

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