Cylinder digital UV printer

Cylindrical products inkjet printer

Wide applications

Industrial-grade digital inkjet printing equipment designed for cylindrical direct injection, suitable for inkjet printing of patterns on the surface of round rods, cups, round bottles, iron cans, aluminum cans and other objects. Environmentally friendly UV-LED curing technology combined with pretreatment solutions can be applied to a variety of materials such as metal, glass, paper, wood, and plastic.

High work efficiency    

Compared with  pad printing, silk screen printing and offset printing, cylinder UV printer has huge advantages. No plate making, simple pre-press preparation, short delivery cycle and customizable printing, and it has significantly improved the short-run printing , Customized printing, personalized printing and printing efficiency in packaging proofing applications.

High-quality printing effect

Combining professional color management technology and unique VDS (variable droplet size) control technology, it can output smooth gradients, vivid colors, and clear and sharp small text and lines, and present high-quality diversified cylindrical prints according to the design style .