Printing On Ceramics Use Ceramic Printer High Resolution

Printing On Ceramics Use Ceramic Printer High Resolution

Printing on ceramics now is a popular industry in house decoration ,special ceramics with characteristic pictures is used as wall.Our ceramic printer can also print on almost all flatbed materials such as glass,wood acrylic etc...

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Printing on ceramics is a good choice that making the ceramic special by ceramic printer.ceramic printer is the reproduction of digital images using inkjet printing, in addition, a wide variety of materials can be printed (photographic paper, film, cloth, plastic ,glass, ceramic tile etc.). Dacen ceramic printer use inks made of acrylic monomers that are then exposed to strong UV-light to cure, or polymerize when printing. This process allows the printer can print on a wide variety of surfaces such as wood or metal, carpet, tile, and even glass. The adjustable printing bed makes it possible to print on surfaces ranging in thickness from a sheet of paper often up to as much as several inches.


DG-1510 Specification Explanation
Print Head Quantity4~10pcs
Machine Weight800KG
Machine Size3348mm ×1925mm×1306mm
Print Size1500mm(W)×1000mm(L)
Print Thickness80mm
Ink ColorC、M、Y、K、LC、LM、White、V 
Ink TypeUV ink
Print SpeedDraft mode:20m2/h
Production mode:14m2/h
High resolution mode:10m2/h
Cleaning SystemAuto positive pressure cleaning
Environment RequirementTemperature:20~30℃    Humidity:40%~60%
Power RequirementAC220 P2500
Max Load60KG/m2
Curing SystemImported UV LED lamp/Mercury UV Lamp 
RIP SoftwarteUltra print, GMG,Photoprint
Operation systemWindows7_X64
Substrate material


ceramic tile,PVC,ABS,PC,canvas,PU,bamboo,

nonwoven fibre,stone,etc.

CertificationCE  RoHS  SGS
Package size3700*2200*1600 mm
Machine weight after packing1100KG

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  1. Can your printer print embossing effect
    Yes,it can print embossing effect, for further information or samples pics, please contact our representative salesman.

  2. What RIP your machine use ? Did your price include RIP?
    All prices include RIP, and our RIP is GMG,for printer to print the color vivid.

  3. Why the printing effect is not the same as it should be?

    A.Image problem  B. Ink problem  C.The printer problem

  4. Why proofing should be done before printing?

    The proofing before formal printing is the cohesion process between the prepress produce and the formal printing, is to allow customers to predict the final printing effect before printing in order to modify, to avoid that after the completion of printing, there is something not satisfied that need to change, waste time and energy.

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