Ceramic Tile UV Printer With LED Lamp Certified By CE

Ceramic Tile UV Printer With LED Lamp Certified By CE

Ceramic tile UV printer ,eqipped with LED lamp ,make the pictures dry at once after printing.And it is certified by CE,a guarantee of the printer.

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Dacen Ceramic tile uv printer is a combination of robust mechanical structure, high-fidelity inkjet and color image processing technology and straightly print onto various kinds of rigid or flexible medias. It is an unprecedented breakthrough of traditional digital printing technique. Fitting with TOSHIBA industrial piezoelectric print heads, 4 colors ink or 6 colors inks (C/M/Y/K/ Lc/Lm), white & varnish optional, the printer delivers an extraordinary image quality at a high speed.Achieve finer quality, greater stability & higher productivity, Dacen Ceramic tile uv printer is committed to establish new standards of UV printing industry with its advanced technology and innovative engineering solutions throughout the world.

DG-2030 Specification Explanation
Print Head Quantity4~10pcs
Machine Weight1200KG
Machine Size3894mm ×3890mm×1300mm
Print Size2000mm(W)×3000mm(L)
Print Thickness80mm
Ink ColorC、M、Y、K、LC、LM、White、V 
Ink TypeUV ink
Print SpeedDraft mode:34m2/h
Production mode:25m2/h
High resolution mode:18m2/h
Cleaning SystemAuto positive pressure cleaning
Environment RequirementTemperature:20~30℃    Humidity:40%~60%
Power RequirementAC220 P2500
Max Load60KG/m2
Curing SystemImported UV LED lamp/Mercury UV Lamp 
RIP SoftwarteUltra print, GMG,Photoprint
Operation systemWindows7_X64
Substrate material


ceramic tile,PVC,ABS,PC,canvas,PU,bamboo,

nonwoven fibre,stone,etc.

CertificationCE  RoHS  SGS
Package size(2 packages)Machine head:4055mm×750mm×900mm  
Machine workbench:5010mm×850mm×955mm
Machine weight after packing1600KG

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  1. What is ICC curve?

    The international Color Consortium is called ICC for short, proposed and created a set of international standards and theoretical concept of color.

  2. How to maintain the print head after the work is completed every day?

    A.Turn off the uv printer power.
    B. First use a special cleaning solution to clean the sponge, and then pour the liquid on the sponge to soak it and keep it moisturizing.
    C.Move the head back to the right side of the cleaning station and keep the nozzle and moisturizing sponge close together.
    D. Keep this state for the device overnight.

  3. Why UV flatbed printer's control head is uncontrolled ?

    A.There is a problem with the raster decoder;
    B.There is a problem with the limit switch or the accessory.

  4. How to identify second-hand UV printer?

    A.Observe whether the machine's print head is used or not, the difference between the used and the new can be easily distinguished by our eyes.

    B.Open the pedestal of the print head, observe the internal parts, in general there will be date code on the parts, if there is a great difference of the date between different parts, indicating that the machine has been used for some time, in which the pars has been replaced.

    C.Check whether the code of main board on the UV printer and the code on the print head are the same or not, the new machine’s code is consistent.

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