Ceramic 3d Printing Machine High Quality With Toshiba CE4M Print Head

Ceramic 3d Printing Machine High Quality With Toshiba CE4M Print Head

Ceramic 3d printing machine is equipped with Toshiba print head,its resolution and speed is high which can give customer a very good visual enjoymenT.It can also be used in printing glass,wood,plastic mat and so on.

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Our Ceramic 3dprinting machine is 100% original print head of TOSHIBA with great curing system and auto positive pressure cleaning system,and it can do customized special pictures ,ensure you can quickly print without any clogging.It is also easy to operate and maintain with humanized operation system. Meanwhile,high resolution and excellent after-service provide you an unprecedented experience of Dacen ceramic 3d printing machine.




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Our service:

  1.  24 hous onlice service

Good onlice service, instantly answer the questions for you

2. Free training

   One to one professional techhnical operation free training

3. Technical support

Remote guidance maintenance, online techinical service is more speedy and efficiency

4. Ink & spare parts supply

   Long-term supply of high quality original ink and spare parts




  1. What should be done when grating of UV flatbed printer is dirty?
    A. Do not use any liquid to clean, blow away the large dust at first after opening the components, and then use clean cloth or cotton swab to wipe
    B.In the daily operation of the process, it is best in the independent, clean, low, less light, well-ventilated working environment
    C.Pay attention that do not scratch during the operation, and do not make it wet, to avoid ghosting when printing next time.

  2. Do you provide samples ? Is it free or extra ?

    Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.If it is possible,you can come to our factory to print the samples.

  3. Can ink box be always used?

    Many people think that the box is just a container filled with ink only, as long as there is no leak and rupture with the ink box , can always add ink to use, this is actually a misunderstanding.It can not be always used.

  4. How to enhance adhesion of the UV ink?
    A.Increase the power of the UV light curing lamp
    B. Reduce the printing speed of uv printers
    C. Reduce the thickness of uv printing ink layer
    D. Extend uv print curing time

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