3d Printer Ceramic High Speed And Resolution

3d Printer Ceramic High Speed And Resolution

3d printer ceramic is equipped with Toshiba CE4M print head,which has a high resolution and high speed,nozzles up to 636,guarantee a high printing speed.Anti-static system prevent the ink flying from static that may influence the printing effect.

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The 3d printer ceramic modeled DG-2513,print size is 2.5meters by 1.3 meters,is the most sale UV machine in Dacen company.This model is installed with 4~8 Toshiba head and designed for industrial bulk production with high printing speed and high resolution, which can print on almost any material directly,can do customized printing as per your requirement.With UV light shining during printing procedure,images with scratch resistance on object surface are dry fast and stable.The anti-static system can ensure the printing without ink flying.


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  1. How does your factory do regarding quality control?
    From the internal parts to the outside packing,we not only make standard quality test,but also thinkahead for a better solution. Except company QC system, We have achieved CE,RoHS and SGS certificate

  2. How many picoliter is your print head?
    Our Toshiba print head is 5pl with high resolution

  3. What is the biggest advantage compare your printer with others?
    We have a long time warranty for 365 days

  4. Does it must be sprayed a pre-coating?
    Our printer can print white inks directly and no need for pre-coating.

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