Mural Painting Machine 3d Wall Printer

Mural Painting Machine 3d Wall Printer

3D wall printer with two EPSON TX800 printheads,printsize is height 2M,width no limited,it can print photos and words on the wall.

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Mural Painting Machine 3d Wall Printer







Wall metope: inside and outside wall putty metope,  emulsioni paint metope, white wall,imitation porcelain metope, rice paper, canvas, wall coat, color coated glaze, shell powder, color grain paint and other metope

Other media: glass, ceramic tile, wood board, acrylic, PVC and metal plate, etc. (need to be coated)


Company Introduction:

Shenzhen Dacen Digital Tecnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 with more than tenyears experience in UV digital printers,DACEN has become one of the most professional manufacturers of UV digital printers in China. At present DACEN focus onresearching, producing and selling digital printing facilities and environmental protection UV ink. DACEN products have been exported to many countries and regions all over the world since found. DACEN is the first one in China who work on the Toshiba print head UV flatbed printer. And from the build time, we are only working on UV printer flatbed printer, hybrid printer. Now are the most experienced manufacturer of Toshiba printhead flatbed printer.

With strong independent ability of R & D, Dacen have successfully produced a variety of new and practical printers widely used in advertising, digital shells, building materials, arts and crafts, glass and ceramic and other industrial areas. Dacen have been won many customers favor and praise from home and abroad by its rich experience, exquisite technique, cost-effective products and perfect after-sales service.


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