Indoor Outdoor Wall Painting

Indoor Outdoor Wall Painting

①The construction speed is faster ②The price is cheaper than traditional hand-painted ③The market is more acceptable ④No need for plate making and art foundation ⑤Can directly print out a variety of different high-definition patterns

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Product Details





Print head brand  


Print size 

 Height 2m, width no limited 

Print quantity 


Print software

 Maintop RIP



Operation method

 Wired/wireless printing







Print speed

 Draft model   2pass 15 ㎡/h

 Product model   4pass 10 ㎡/h

 Quality model   6pass  ㎡/h

 High accuracy model  8pass ㎡/h

Print technology

 1.Micro piezoelectric inkjet technology

 2.variable ink droplet

 3.high fault-tolerant eclosion technology interruption can be automatic    memory recovery technology


8 core high-speed CPU, 4GB memory, high-speed USB I/O


3 imported intelligent servo motors + reducer

Metope detection

2 nanometer distance detectors

UPS power

super uninterruptible power,power outage lasting 3 hours

Laser positioning

precision infrared laser positioning system


 Special environmental friendly organic water-based ink (waterproof,detachable)

Ink support system

 Negative pressure system monochrome single supply, 4 color ink bin one

Supportable format  


Power requirement 

 220VAC & 380VAC

Work Environment

 -20℃-50℃(-4℉-122℉),10%-70% Relative humidity, non-condensation state

Save Environment

 -21℃-50℃(-22℉-140℉) ,10%-70% Relative humidity, non-condensation state


 CE ROHS (GB18582-2001、GBT9756-2001)

Machine size 

700mm (L)  *300mm(W) *2600mm (H)

Machine weight 

 Machine 60KG (body 30KG+3 guide rails 30KG)

Package weight

150KG , Package size: 950mm (L)  *550mm(W) *2700mm (H)

Machine Language

Chinese/English (other languages can be customized)


Wall metope: inside and outside wall putty metope,  emulsioni paint metope, white wall,imitation porcelain metope, rice paper, canvas, wall coat, color coated glaze, shell powder, color grain paint and other metope

Other media: glass, ceramic tile, wood board, acrylic, PVC and metal plate, etc. (need to be coated)


Shenzhen Dacen Digital Technology Co., located at Shenzhen with beautiful surroundings and expedient traffic, Covering an area of 7,000 square meters with over 10 years’ experience in UV digital printers, is a professional high-tech enterprise, putting R & D, production and sales U V digital printers into integrated. From personalized customization to industrial production, Dacen provides complete applications according to different needs of various industries. Besides, Dacen also offers customers such services as perfect investment plans, products programs, equipment maintenance, software upgrades and spares service, which will make your investment more beneficial and meaningful.



Q:Can I print on uneven walls?

A: Yes, printer has an infrared distance detector, which can accurately calculate the distance between print head and the wall in real time, and then automatically retract the print head according to the unevenness of the wall to ensure the spray distance between the print head and the wall and prevent the nozzle from and the wall Face collision to protect the print head. As long as the unevenness of the wall does not exceed 2cm, it can be printed. 

Q:How long to keep the color?

A:Generally, It can be kept for 3 years outdoors and 8 years indoors. If you spray a layer of protective liquid (such as varnish), it can keep for 5 years outdoors and 15 years indoors.

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