Height 2 Meters Vertical Wall Printer

Height 2 Meters Vertical Wall Printer

Print width: no limited, any width (the width is limited by the length of the guide rail, and the width can be increased arbitrarily

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                                       Height 2 meters vertical wall printer

The working principle is that the ink is spray from the nozzle and printed on the wall when scanning manner

Print height: 2m(height could be customized), our wall printer use a laser positioning system, if the height more than 2 meters,  it can be seamless splicing. 

Print width: no limited, any width (the width is limited by the length of the guide rail, and the width can be increased arbitrarily


Advantages of wall printer:

①The construction speed is faster

②The price is cheaper than traditional hand-painted

③The market is more acceptable

④No need for plate making and art foundation

⑤Can directly print out a variety of different high-definition patterns

⑥The patterns are colorful, lifelike and more realistic

⑦Long lasting color and excellent performance

⑧ Meet the aesthetic requirements of current cultural decoration...

⑨There is no need for people to contact the ink, avoiding the contact between people and the ink, which will have an impact on human health.




wall: green wall,  red brick wall, cement wall, grey wall, color wall, white wall

Other media: glass, ceramic tile, wood board, acrylic, PVC and metal plate, etc. (need to be coated)




Q:Why is there wire drawing?

A: The print head is not in good condition. If the ink is not pumped clean before use, there will be wire drawing, ink breakage and ink stringing. You need to pump the print head to make the ink path clear before firing.


Q:What is the warranty and after-sales service of the machine?

A: Our company's warranty policy is: one year warranty and lifetime after-sales service. Within one year after you purchase the equipment, our company will repair  the parts free of charge, except for the nozzle, because the nozzle is closely related to the maintenance of the person. After the one-year warranty period, we still provide after-sales service, but we will charge the cost of accessories.


Q:If there is a sudden power off, it continue printing after power on?

A:Yes, printer with a backup power supply, it can last more than 2.5 hours after power off.


Q:we would like to buy the Inks as most likely expensive in our country?

A:we have no restrictions on ink, you can buy from other sources in the future.But it is recommended to use the ink provided by the manufacturer


Q:are you the manufacturer for the printer and do you provide the ink?

A:yeah, we provide ink,the warranty of the ink is 1 year


Q:what is the lead time to provide unit is we purchase ?

A: it about 7 days will sent out

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